Bounty Leaderboard

Goal - The Bounty Hunters must compete with each other to raise the highest total amount of Kuende Points (Kp) received on both bounty campaign achievements: Bounty Hunter and Trend Setter.

How it Works

  • The Leaderboard entries are being updated every hour.
  • The Leaderboard displays only participants that are either registered in or eligible for the Bounty Campaign. Each entry contains the participant’s Social Profile name and the total number of Kp obtained so far through the accumulation of both Bounty Hunter and Trend Setter Achievement scores
  • Once the Bounty Campaign ends - 16th of November, at 23:59:59 UTC - winners will be crowned the participants that have placed on the Top 5 entries of the Leaderboard with the highest amounts of Kp


  • All you have to do is to participate in any of the two Bounty Campaigns, The Bounty Hunter and The Trend Setter, and raise as many Kp as possible in either of them. For better chances of classifying on one of the Top 5 Leaderboard positions we strongly encourage you to participate in both Bounty Campaigns


  • The total prize pool allocated to the Top 5 places is 15 ETH & 150.000 KUE ($1500), with the following distribution:
    • 1st Place: 5 ETH & 50.000 KUE ($500)
    • 2nd Place: 4 ETH & 40.000 KUE ($400)
    • 3rd Place: 3 ETH & 30.000 KUE ($300)
    • 4th Place: 2 ETH & 20.000 KUE ($200)
    • 5th Place: 1 ETH & 10.000 KUE ($100)

  • On top of that, all 5 winners will win the Kuende Experience Package which includes a trip to Romania and a Kuende Team meet and greet, event which will be held in the first half of December 2018. Be ready to Create Real Life Experiences along us!
  • The ETH & KUE prizes will be sent out to the ETH address you previously added on your Kuende account to validate your Bounty Campaign participation
  • The final Leaderboard will be updated and announced on the 15th of October after our admins will verify the integrity of each participant’s activity on both Bounty Campaigns and their respective achievements - The Bounty Hunter and The Trend Setter
  • The winners will be personally contacted via email by Kuende CEO and Founder, Antohe Pavel, to further establish the trip details
  • If a winner, for various reasons, is unable to be part of the trip and come to Romania, we will pass the prize to the participant that falls right behind in the Leaderboard with the highest amount of Kp
  • NOTE: In case more participants share the same number of Kp, we will use their timestamp as a denominator; winner will be the participant that was the first to raise the respective amount of Kp

Penalties & Disqualifications

  • Subsequent to the bounty campaigns period, we will allocate 5 to 10 days (depending on the volume) to a 2-Stage Validation Period:
    • a) The first stage will be automated - our machine learning algorithms will check all the activity of our Bounty Campaign participants and identify suspicious patterns.
    • b) The second stage will be manual - all accounts that have raised flags along their associated activity will be handpicked by our team members in order to eliminate false positive and disqualify all participants that didn’t comply to the rules.
  • Although, as per our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to disqualify anyone at any time if we consider there was a breach of rules, we will provide a mechanism and a 48h time span for filing complaints.
  • ATTENTION! The Leaderboard entries are subject to change once the Bounty Campaign ends - 16th of November, at 23:59:59 UTC - as a consequence to our 2-Stage Validation Period.
  • If fraudulent activity is found in relation to your participation in either of the campaigns, the Kp raised for the the respective achievement will be nullified. If the activity in both achievements raise suspicions, both Kp amounts will be nullified and you will be disqualified.